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Dark City Productions
Dark City Productions

Dark City Productions is a team of specialized and creative wedding photographers and videographers on the Gold Coast Queensland who strives to capture life’s most precious and fleeting moments of your big day.

Dark City Productions will float around your wedding like a guest, moving here and there, talking, and making a contention with your guests as we like your friends to feel relaxed around us while capturing footage. Capturing good images is about being observant and watching, waiting for the emotion, from the moments no one saw to the moments no one wants to forget.

Our Videography is filmed in a way that matches the wedding photography. Discreet and natural. The music we select is your choice or we can source the music. Once that is done we add our grade to give your video a polished feel and to make it stand out.

We would love to hear more about your wedding plans. if you would like to chat or meet for a coffee then please let us know.

Dark City

photography & videography
Gold Coast

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