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Film  Productions

This is a small documentary piece on the life of Matt Hollywood and his journey so far. We go back in time and find out how he became the legend known today as Matt Hollywood.  


Matt Hollywood: Australia’s Comedy Magic Champion, Gold Award Winner of Australia’s Magician of the Year, and Hilarious Magician, Comedian, and Corporate Entertainer.

Performing magic across Australia to audiences of 20 to 2000 people, Matt is a top-class comedian, magician, and corporate entertainer in one.


Matt has been a regular on Australian television and has worked with everyone from Rove, Greg Norman, Eddie Maguire through to the Prime Minister.

Matt’s brilliant sense of humour has set a new standard for entertainment and he can easily tailor his show for any occasion.

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Jason Brown (The Viper), a young, ruthless gangster, finds himself trapped in a dark room with his two other thug members after their car accident. They are tied up to chairs with a dark figure in the background interrogating them with a gun. Will this grim figure kill them or is it after something else?

The untold truth was done on a low budget and has played at many film festivals around the world. 


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Hannah Bentley, a divorce and custody lawyer, hates her job and decides to make a change. It's just a small one; she'll take an extra course and go into criminal law instead. Simple. But someone disagrees and what better time to make his feelings known than late one afternoon when Hannah is home alone, her wife and infant son nowhere to be found. 

We worked with Pantelones Productions. 


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This is a very different project for Dark City Productions as we got involved in making a documentary about a Psychic Medium. A brief interview explaining how Peter Williams Medium started out and what it is like being a Psychic Medium in today’s world.


Peter is known for bringing a modern and refreshing feel to his events. He amazes audiences with his ability to communicate with loved ones passed over but does so with energy, laughter, and heartfelt respect. Peter works very closely with the souls passed over to deliver messages to members of the audience and adds small educational anecdotes throughout to ensure everyone can walk away feeling positive and uplifted.

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An affable womanizer endures the date from hell, as he clashes with a dark and violent underground realm. Righteous Hustle is a one-shot film.


Made for the Stage One Film Festival 2015. Winner of best supporting actor, Jada Leigh. Starring: Jada Leigh, Daniel Goodwin, Jeremy Rhys Hill, Ockert Van Schalkwyk, Robert Russso & Emilo Spinosa. Written & Directed by J. R. Hill Matter & Energy Production, in association with Dark City Productions.

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More Dark City Productions projects and association work from all around Queensland Australia. 

Have the latest technology available and highly skilled operators for your production needs. We are highly motivated and professional in all aspects of our production company. 

We look forward to hearing about your production soon. 



Music Videos

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This is not just a song and a YouTube video. It is a state of mind. It's about coming together and celebrating life. No matter who you are or where you are from, we are ALL one people.

So grab your friends, your family, your neighbors, your colleagues, and co-workers. It's time to dream, live, love, and put a smile on that face. It's your life. Live it! All the people. Around the world. All Da People... - Wi$BUD ft J.Elias *Copyright and publishing rights protected by APRA AMCOS Australia.



Web Shows

CoastfishTV takes you on angling adventures with dedicated fisherman chasing a diverse range of Australian species.



3 time AFC (Australian Fishing Champion) and founder of 'Diztek Lures' Darren 'Dizzy' Borg reveals some of his best techniques chasing Bream on the flats amongst the Moreton Bay Islands in QLD.



Dark City

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